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Our Mission
We provide affordable mental health services to a variety of populations in the GTA, through group and individual art therapy sessions. We focus on client-centred treatment and an individual's positive strengths which allows for the expression of their authentic self, through creative means tailored to their needs. 

Our Vision
We are committed to delivering affordable mental health services for all individuals and creating strong connections and partnerships with different communities and organizations. 


Over the past 2+ years, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre has been providing a truly wonderful gift to The Gatehouse: The gift of art therapy groups for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The feedback from program participants has been that of transformational healing, life-changing and truly impactful way of sharing their voice in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse trauma. Art therapy gives voice to survivors through art and the ability to creatively express their life experiences. Full Circle facilitators are compassionate, dedicated, and motivated professionals who give their undivided attention, time and energy to support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse as they explore art as a healing tool. Full Circle Art Therapy Centre’s group process create safe, comfortable and inviting spaces to learn and share.
— Maria Barcelos (Executive Director of the Gatehouse)about art therapy program provided by Full Circle Art Therapy Centre: