Give a gift in tribute

A Special Tribute

When words aren’t enough, a gift in memory or in honour is a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone dear to you.  By giving today, you will also help to fight for those who may need help fighting.

We would be happy to discuss directing your donation to an area of focus or program that most suits the person you would like to honour. If you would like to make a meaningful contribution to the Centre on behalf of your loved one, contact Pearl at (647)245-3344.

Our thanks, to you.

For tribute donations of more than $2000, we take the opportunity to extend special thanks to our donors with a customized group workshop for up to 10 people.

Our In Memorium Art Therapy Workshop will focus on providing a safe space to explore how artistic processes can aid in enhancing your well-being in a holistic way. We encourage and support you in connecting with people who are on a related path, whether in grief, healing or celebration of life.




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