Date: 6 week workshop - Wednesday starting on May 15th to June 19th 

Time: 10:00am -12:00pm

Group description: This workshop would focus on reducing the time spent feeling overwhelmed with parenthood and daily stresses.  Parents with young families can share their stresses, find some inner peace and plan for not always being able to put themselves first.  It would be a safe place to create and rediscover some of the lost parts of the self and integrate these into daily family life.

Intention of this Group:

To allow for parents to have a place to express themselves and reduce anxiety and/or depression that can occur with the unpredictability of family life.

Therapist: Andrea Cleghorn

Fee: $25 per session/$150 for the entire workshop

No. of participants: 10 maximum

Note: This group will be closed for registration after the 2nd week.