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Group Art Therapy

Group Art Therapy

‘Making art together develops a graphic language that enables people to speak to each other in ways that are simply unattainable by words alone’

- Shirley Riley, 2001

Why Group Art Therapy?

Group art therapy provides a safe environment for individuals to relate to others in a healthy way. Group art therapy is a great way to connect with other people going through similar experiences, which may help you feel less alone in whatever it is that you are dealing with.

You can review our current art therapy groups below and choose which one will work best for you!

What to Expect?

Each group art therapy is designed and ran by one of our professional Art Therapists. Art therapy groups range between 6-10 weeks in length and run for 2 hours per session. All groups are closed and require an initial intake with the Art Therapist running the group and have a maximum capacity for 10 people in each group.  


There are many benefits to group art therapy and we want to make sure it is accessible for people who are facing financial barriers as well. All of our art therapy groups are $25 per session, which includes taxes and the price of art materials.

We are currently planning for our program for 2020. Please stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch!