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Getting Started

with Art Therapy

We understand that the journey towards restoring mental health and emotional well-being does not begin on the first day of therapy. It begins on the day a personal decision is made to seek support. We’re here to help, every step of the way.

Step 1- Choose an Art Therapist

Our team of therapists have a wide-range of experience and expertise to meet your needs. All of our Art Therapist are professionally trained at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (T.A.T.I), a master equivalent degree, with over 800 hours practical experience.

We know that you are more likely to have a great therapy experience if you feel like you can relate to and trust your therapist. We take our commitment to you seriously and do our best to help match you with the therapist who can provide the best support for you and will complement your needs. You can get to know them here.

Getting Started - Full Circle Art Therapy Centre

Step 2- Schedule a free phone consultation

After reviewing the different art therapists, if you are unsure who to go with, feel free to call 647 245 3344, our staff will be more than happy to guide you through the process.

We also offer a free 15-minute phone consultation with our therapists before you book your first appointment so that you can learn more about their practice and ask any questions you may have before booking. If you're ready to book an initial session without a consultation first, go for it!

Step 3- Book your first art therapy session

If you have found the therapists of your choice, you can book a session through:

  1. You can give us a call at 647 245 3344

  2. You can also book through our online booking system with the button below

Step 4- Know what to expect from your first art therapy session

  • A warm welcome and an introduction to explain our therapeutic approach

  • A review of your mental health history and/or specific needs

  • Any of your questions or concerns will be addressed to make sure you are comfortable with our therapeutic approach

  • The composition of a therapeutic plan with you

Need more info?

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your journey, care about your mental health, and are eager to become partners on your path towards mental health. Please also ensure to reach out to us with any further feedback. Knowing that we do not know everything, we are curious to find out about ways we can improve our services and what we can do to better meet the needs of our community.