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Art Therapy Workshops

Art Therapy Workshops

Our Art Therapy Workshops focus on providing a safe space for individuals to explore how artistic processes can enhance one’s well-being in a holistic way.

How Can Art Be Used For Improving One’s Overall Well Being?

  • Art making encourages mindfulness by creating a natural link between the body & mind

  • Art making engages both hemispheres of the brain and can improve brain functioning

  • Exploring specific themes through art can improve ones self-awareness and ability to self-express

  • Creating art in a group setting allows one to connect & communicate with others in a new way

  • Art creation is great for stress relief, and testing out new ideas or ways of being in the world

We also do Art Therapy Workshops by request for organizations that wish to support their members and staff. These workshops are tailored to your specific needs. Please send us an email at our contact page and we will be in touch shortly.


Our workshops are $20 per person. All proceeds from our workshop will help to support our continuous journey to strive towards affordable mental health services for all. You take care of others by first taking care of you.

Upcoming Art Therapy Workshops

Full Circle Art Terpay Centre is conveniently located near Pape subway station: 658 Danforth Ave, Unit 204, Toronto, ON

Check out our current lineup of creative workshops and register below. Questions? Feel free to give us a call at 647 245 3344 or email us at, if you would like to speak to someone before scheduling the initial consultation. > calendar view

Date: February 27th 2019; Wednesday. Time: 6pm - 8pm

Group description: This is a spontaneous art as therapy group, which will focus on the theme of letting go over our expectations and being open to new experiences and possibilities through working with different art materials & prompts each week and connecting with different people in the community!

Intentions of this group:

  • -Having fun and meeting new people!
  • -Practicing letting go of rigidity & becoming more flexible
  • -Exploring how different art materials can be used for self-expression

Workshop facilitators: Pearl Lee and Masha Andreeva

Fee: $20 per session

No. of participants: 10 maximum

Initial intake requirement: None, everyone can benefit from this letting go workshop

Date: 6 week workshop, Tuesdays starting on March 12th Time: 1-3 pm

Group description: This is a trauma informed art therapy group, which aims to support survivors of sexual assault identifying as female or male and are 18 years and older. Each group will begin with a short psycho-education piece about the impact of trauma on the body and mind, followed by a mindfulness practice for grounding before the group, and then the focus of each group will be around building skills to manage the effects of the trauma and to reconnect with their personal strengths and moving away from feeling stuck. Some topics examined through the group include:

safety, boundaries, grounding & emotional regulation, connecting/expressing authentic self, and building healthy connections with others.

Intention of this Group:

-Reconnecting with self and others

-Learning useful tools for stress reduction and emotional regulation

-Shifting the focus from what happened (trauma) to the here-and-now and what is possible

Fee: Free

No. of participants: 10 maximum

Note, this group will be closed for registration after the 2nd week.

Initial intake required? Yes. In order to register for this group you must complete a 30 minute intake interview with the person running the group to make sure the group fits your needs and that you will benefit from participating in a group setting.

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