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Art Therapy Workshops

Art Therapy Workshops

Our Art Therapy Workshops focus on providing a safe space for individuals to explore how artistic processes can improve one’s well-being in a holistic way. Our workshops are intended to enhance your mental fitness. Think of them as a workout or yoga session for the mind. The benefits will be greatest when you regularly attend our sessions. The group setting will enable you to connect with a diverse group of individuals from your community, who are as committed as you to giving their mind that little extra workout, in order to arrive at a place of greater overall well-being. Past attendants have confirmed they feel reduced levels of stress and an increased self-esteem, have improved their problem-solving skills, and feel a deepened connection to themselves.

Please note that our Art Therapy Workshops do not allow for one-on-one counseling. They are held in a group setting and primarily intended for building mental fitness.

How Can Art Therapy Workshops Improve One’s Overall Well Being?

  • Art making encourages mindfulness by creating a natural link between the body & mind

  • Art making engages both hemispheres of the brain and can improve brain functioning

  • Exploring specific themes through art can improve ones self-awareness and ability to self-express

  • Creating art in a group setting allows one to connect & communicate with others in a new way

  • Art creation is great for stress relief, and testing out new ideas or ways of being in the world

We also do Art Therapy Workshops by request for organizations that wish to support their members and staff. These workshops are tailored to your specific needs. Please send us an email at our contact page and we will be in touch shortly.

* Please not that our art therapy workshops are not therapy, if you are looking for some more in-depth support, please take a look at our Individual Art Therapy sessions.

Fees for Art Therapy Workshops

Our art therapy workshops are $25 per person. All proceeds from our workshops will help to support our continuous journey to strive towards affordable mental health services for all. You take care of others by first taking care of you.

Please register for the workshops before hand to secure a spot for you. Looking forward to meeting you!

Upcoming Art Therapy Workshops

Full Circle Art Therapy Centre is conveniently located near Pape subway station: 658 Danforth Ave, Unit 204, Toronto.

Check out our current lineup of creative workshops and register below. Questions? Feel free to give us a call at 647 245 3344 or email us at, if you would like to speak to someone before scheduling the initial consultation. 

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Upcoming workshops! Please e-mail to RSVP.

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