Our Art Therapists

All of our Art Therapists are professionally trained at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (T.A.T.I), Master Equivalent Diploma, with over 800 hours practicum hours completed to start.

We take your mental health needs very seriously, and that starts with us taking care of our own mental health through regular self-care practices, including monthly group art therapy led by a trained Art Therapist.

We are currently looking for Art Therapists who resonate with our mission of delivering affordable mental health services to join our co-working space. Please contact fullcircleatc@gmail.com


Lacey Ford, B.A. Hons, D.T.A.T.I

Lacey specializes working with older adults and survivors of sexual violence, but also has experience in providing art therapy to a variety of populations including: individuals with developmental delays, high school and university students, LGBTQ2S street involved youth, and women dealing with mental health and addiction issues.

Lacey follows a client centered approach in her practice as an art therapist. This means that the client takes on an active role in their treatment including developing treatment goals, which they are the expert in their own life. She also takes an empathetic and flexible approach when working with people, since they all have their own unique strengths and needs. Lacey also integrates mindfulness into her practice, since it pairs very well with art therapy and can be beneficial to anyone regardless of what issues they may be facing.

Pearl Lee, B.A.Hons, D.T.A.T.I

Pearl's therapeutic practice is grounded in a combination of client-centered therapy, narrative therapy and mindfulness.  Pearl strongly believes that people are not defined by their problems and everyone has the capacity to achieve their full potential.

In her practice,  Pearl focuses on facilitating a space of compassion and to build a partnership with her clients. Throughout this process, she can help individuals connect to their true self; build self-resiliency; identify their life narrative; help them explore their narrative's impact; acceptance and re authoring their narrative to re-align with their true self.

Pearl specialises in youth, individual experienced with abuse/assault, anxiety, grief/loss and life transitions.


Alex Calder Karagianis, BA Hons, DTATI, RSSW

Art is the highest form of hope.”- Gerhard Richter

My passion as an art therapist has always been to combine art with social justice concepts of community building, healing and inclusion. I truly believe art brings people together by creating an equal platform for all to express themselves and be heard.

I am also an artist, and I am currently working toward another degree at OCAD in Drawing and Painting. As part of my art therapy practice I am excited to share my practical knowledge with clients in an approachable way that will help them to love art-making as well!

My approach: I tailor all my groups and individual sessions to clients’ needs and I have researched and incorporated themes of different issues into my work (e.g. my work in addictions incorporated 12-step themes into art-making). I like to work with the client on what are their most concerning issues, and then help them discover new and healthy coping skills through art that will assist them in their recovery.

Specialization: group and individual art therapy session with young adults with intellectual disabilities, those facing bereavement and loss, adults in addiction treatment, and children and youth.


Join our team!

We are currently looking for qualified Art Therapists to join our team. We strive to create a safe community space to help spread Art Therapy and respond to the growing need of for affordable mental health care in our city.

In the stale mental health industry, we have developed a different approach to therapy, workshops, and courses. We prioritize inclusion, creativity and community building in all aspects of our work and thoroughly believe in the power of art to bring people together by creating an equal platform for all to be heard.

Do you resonate with our mission of delivering affordable mental health services and believe this is the opportunity you have been waiting for? Then contact us at fullcircleatc@gmail.com.