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Lacey Ford


Lacey Ford was born 1989 in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada. Lacey is a self-taught artist and began showing an interest in art when she was only seven years old, and started out by doodling cartoon characters she saw in children’s books. In high school Lacey began using art creative as a form of therapeutic relief and self-expression.

In 2012, Lacey obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). During the last year of her undergraduate at UPEI, Lacey randomly came across the definition for art therapy for the first time online, and realized this is what she had been practicing on herself, and decided then that she wanted to share the power of healing through art with other people in the world. Immediately after completing her undergraduate degree at UPEI, Lacey moved to Toronto to study art therapy at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and graduated from the program June 2016.

On October 9th 2014, Lacey launched a grassroots non-profit organization with her friend and business partner Pearl Lee, called the ‘Full Circle-Art Therapy Centre’. The aim of the organization is to deliver art therapy services throughout Toronto and making mental health services more accessible to those who cannot afford private services. She has experience in providing art therapy to a variety of populations including: older adults diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, young adults with developmental delays, at risk youth, individuals struggling with mental health and addictions, and survivors of trauma. 

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Lacey is an expressionist painter who has had a few years of experience exhibiting in shows throughout Toronto.