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The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse’s mission is to provide support, resources and advocacy on behalf of those impacted by childhood sexual abuse

Since March 2015, we have partnered with The Gatehouse and have been running art therapy groups there on a consistent basis.  Each art therapy group is 12 weeks long with an end event to acknowledge the process and journey of each individual. 



Lacey Ford created the ‘Creative Warriors’ Project with another member from the Gatehouse community. The aim of this project wis to expand the awareness of the effect of childhood sexual abuse; to empower survivors through creative expression with painting and poetry; and creating a space for community support.  

“Simply amazing and incredibly good for my journey and soul.”

”Art therapy was an amazing adventure. It helped me challenge myself and explore the different facets/aspects of myself that have been dormant for so long. This was a blessing.”
— Participant from Gatehouse Phase 1 Art Therapy Group provided by FC-ATC:
“It gave me awareness and strength to know who I am and what I need to do for next steps... and reflection about how much I have transformed, which is very hopeful and encouraging and exciting!”
— Participant from Gatehouse Phase 2 Art Therapy Group provided by FC-ATC