Our Story

Full Circle - Art Therapy Centre is a non profit organization founded by Pearl Lee and Lacey Ford, two classmates from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (T.A.T.I) in 2014.

Through personal experiences, they both found mental health services to be quite limited for individuals in low-economic situations. Although affordable services are available, to receive assistance, individuals are placed on long waiting lists.  They both understand that therapy and the personal decision to seek help do not start with the first session, but the moment an individual decides to seek help. And the waiting time and financial constraints make the long waiting process unbearable for those in great need of assistance. Full Circle - Art Therapy Centre was created in the hope of filing this gap.  
Full Circle - Art Therapy Centre is committed to operating with full integrity and authenticity.  We are committed to constant personal growth and continuous education in the field of Art Therapy and within it's community.  We are motivated and driven to fulfill our vision of affordable mental health services for all.  

Our Mission

We provide affordable mental health services to a variety of populations in the GTA, through Group and Individual Art Therapy sessions. We focus on client-centred treatment and an individual's positive strengths which allows for the expression of their authentic self, through creative means tailored to their needs. 

Our Vision

We are committed to delivering affordable mental health services for all individuals and creating strong connections and partnerships with different communities and organizations.  

Our priorities as an organization:

1) Increasing Availability & Accessibility to Art Therapy

Through on-site and off-site Art Therapy services, we aim to increase availability and accessibilities to affordable Art Therapy services to communities in the GTA. This serves to decrease wait times for local mental health support and to provide individuals with access to ‘alternative’ mental health treatment.

2) Preemptive mental health care

Shifting the focus of mental health treatment from reaction/solution to an illness to an overall mental health fitness maintenance model, through our workshops and corporate wellness programme.

3) Increasing Awareness about Art Therapy

We will educate the public about Art Therapy through information sessions and workshops designed to show how Art Therapy can be used to maintain mental wellbeing (proactive approach rather than solution based as we traditionally treat mental wellbeing).  

4) Community Engagement and Advocacy

Empowering individuals in the community to find their voices through Art Therapy projects, and engage other community members to contribute to positive changes in their community.