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Date: Saturday, December 15th

Time: 4pm - 6pm

Address: 658 Danforth Ave, Unit 204. Toronto, ON, M4J 5B9


Artful Coping Strategies

Group Description

Artful Coping Strategies Workshop is a one time event in partnership with Soldiers of Creation! Soldiers of Creation is a gender inclusive social enterprise that focuses on providing a safe space for survivors and their Allies of sexual assault to connect, reclaim their voice and empower each other. We aim to introduce survivors and allies dealing with trauma caused by sexual assault to alternative methods of healing.

This workshop is perfect if you are interested in building grounding tools through mindful or artful methods, or you’re testing out the waters for new mental & spiritual well-being techniques! .The workshop will be followed by an open discussion of how we felt in the workshop, how we deal with trauma and mental health in our daily lives and how we can be better allies to each other!

Workshop facilitators:

Lacey Ford & Pearl Lee

Length: 2 hrs (one time event)

Fee: $20 (not included in our first-timer promo)

No. of participants: 10 maximum spots (limited tickets available order now!!!)

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