What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a mental health profession, which helps individuals externalize and organize their thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to articulate. The guided creative process as well as the end product can be used to enhance a person’s emotional, spiritual, social, cognitive, and physical well-being.

What is it not?

  • Art Therapy is not about painting the perfect picture (no artistic skills are required)

  • Art Therapy is not restricted to age and demographic

  • Art Therapists do not interpret your artwork

Who can benefit from Art Therapy?

Anyone from all ages and demographics can benefit from Art Therapy. Art Therapy can be used for a wide range of goals: enhancing communication and self-expression, self-discovery, problem solving, developing health coping strategies, etc. Art Therapy can support individuals in working through specific issues:

  • Depression & Anxiety •Addictions •Grief/Loss •Life Transitions •Trauma

Client-centred Approach

Our centre practices from a client- centred perspective. We see the client and therapist as a team of equal partners rather than an expert and a patient.


The Benefits of Art Therapy

Flexible treatment modality             

  • Can work with people of any age
  • Can work with people with varying cognitive/functioning levels
  • Does not require artistic skills. The focus is on what comes up through the art making process, not the end result

Communication through art is more accessible than words

  • Can be used to communicate unconscious parts of our experience which are not accessible in our conscious stream of thinking, which is expressed through our verbal communication
  • Does not require words so may be easier to express difficult emotions/memories
  • Some people are not able to communicate verbally (young children, Alzheimer's disease, developmental delays, etc.)

Art gives a physical form to our experiences

  • Is physical proof of our internal experiences
  • Externalization of experiences helps clients detach from their problems (cathartic & reduces self-stigma and shame)
  • Helps to look at issues from an observational perspective

We Offer Individual Art Therapy Sessions and Workshops