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Art Therapy

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What is Art Therapy? 

"Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy, facilitating

self-exploration and understanding. Using imagery, colour and shape as part

of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed

that would otherwise be difficult to articulate."

- Canadian Art Therapy Association 2018


The Benefits of Art Therapy

  • Art therapy is a flexible treatment modality and can work with any population
  • Art expression can reach unconscious material that cannot be accessed verbally, which the therapist can use to direct the therapy process
  • Art creation process provides a cathartic release in a both physical and emotional sense
  • Art therapy gives agency to individuals in the artistic choices they make to self-express, and what they choose to say about their artwork, or when they decide to speak about the artwork
  • The artwork allows individuals to externalize thoughts and feeling, to work with them in a tangible way, and the opportunity to review their therapeutic progress

Art Therapy Services

Individual Art Therapy Sessions

Following a client centered positive psychology approach, we offer 50 minute individual art therapy sessions for in-depth therapeutic work with individuals who are looking for extra support in their mental health.

Group Art Therapy

Art Therapy groups are typically 10-12-weeks in length and cater to different populations. Group programming varies in price depending on our available funding, from free-affordable (based on a sliding scale).

Information Sessions

We provide 1 hour info sessions for community organizations who are interested in learning more about art therapy, through a short presentation and an example art therapy wokrshop. 

We offer a sliding scale of a minimum of $40 for the following individuals:

  • Low income

  • Single parent families

  • ODSP, OW, AOP (disability and unemployed)

  • Students, Youth and Young Adults

  • Temporary Canadians (and Undocumented Canadians)


To book a session or for more information please e-mail